Successfully reserved a place?

  • Be sure that you find a green check-mark  in the housing column of the participant list next to your name.
  • Have 15 Euros in cash ready at registration
  • Checkout the details (next tab above)
  • Address: Creau, Meiereisraße
  • Opening Hours:
    • Wednesday 18th if July: 18:00 - 10:30
    • Thursday 20th - Sunday 23rd: 19:00 - 10:30
      (closed from 10:30 - 19:00)


Still need a place?


  1. The horse barn/ the rondel are designated NO SMOKING areas
  2. There are trash - containers for paper/metal/general waste - use them and separate your trash!
  3. Again: DON’T litter the place and especially the sanitary boxes - a volunteer will clean them for you / respect that!
  4. If you sleep in the rondel/pavilion outside bring your sleeping bags and camping mats into the barn, when you leave. We can’t guarantee that stuff lying outside, doesn’t get lost/stolen.
  5. Take all the stuff you need during the day with you, the housing will be closed from 10:30 - 19:00.
  6. There are people / horses living next door so be quiet after 22:00
  7. There are also people working at Creau - it is a temporary use project. They are not your primary contact in need. You can address the volunteers that are there (blue t- shirts) for any housing issues. If you have a serious problem call the emergency number:
    +43 677 6236 8090
  8. No graffitis/tags and stickers in the housing area
  9. The horse barn is divided into boxes, share them (4 people/box)
  10. Showers are at a sport club nearby the housing - 3mins per bike
    SHOWERING TIMES are from: 08:00 - 10:00,
    The address is: Josef Fritsch Weg 2-4,
    There are volunteers at Creau/shower place if you have questions.
  11. We don’t tolerate violations of any kind (racist/sexist/homophobic...)! If you
    feel harmed,contact us or the volunteers at site. We will be there with an open ear and help you.
  12. There will be a security guard at night, watching out.

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