ECMC Organization Team

ECMC 2017 | 20.-23.7. Vienna

Every year these awesome events, like the ECMC and the CMWC are getting organized by a bunch of people. Mostly active messengers sometimes ex-engers. These crews are putting a lot of their energy, free time and love into these events knowing that the only reward will be the feedback of the messengers who race, party and socialize.

In our preparations, we looked back on all the events in the past and found out that there is no information, no pictures, nothing about the people who dedicated hours after hours to organize these events. So, we decided to change that and we want to present ourselves to you.

We want to give the event a face. In fact, several faces.

FLO aka RRadiostar

  • Messenger from 2012 to 2017
  • currently ex-enger
  • worked for Spinning Cirlce and Heavy Pedals
  • My bikes: Canyon,Surly,Kraftstoff,Select
  • Main Coordination, Registration, Design, Finance, ...
  • MFG - managing board member, Chairman

"Really happy that we finally pulled it of to have the ECMC here in the city - looking forward to meet you all"

Simone aka Zitrone

  • on the streets since i can think,
    messenger since 2014
  • working at Hermes RadbotInnen
  • 3 bikes named "Bertl"
  • Main Coordination, Sponsoring, Housing, (stuck in the middle of ecmc matters)

"sometimes happy doing this work sometimes wondering why. but most of the time looking forward to get all the crazy bike people over here and to celebrate the european messfam spirit with them"

Michael aka Little

  • messenger since March 1995
  • 2004 I foundedSpinning Circle, before i was working for GO
  • more bikes than the week has days
  • I try to help where I can and be the old man in the orga-team
  • MFG - managing board member

"hope to see you all in wonderful Vienna at a great ECMC"

Clara aka Orca

  • Messenger since 2011, bookseller
  • working at Hermes RadbotInnen
  • Singlespeed, Workhorse
  • Sponsoring, Main/Cargorace... coloring bits'n'pieces of the bigger picture
  • MFG - managing board member

"Looking forward to meet and greet and ride and shine with the messfam in Vienna!"

Jürgen aka Mr. LOBO

  • non-messenger until today
  • mind behind LOBO
  • Bullitt, Racebike, Mountainbike
  • Website, questioning everything, mediating the orga-team (afterwards)

I'm really fascinated by all the professional skills pooled together in our team! Already learned a lot from my colleagues - still, I'm sometimes wondering if I shouldn't spend my time on other things... 😉
...but after all, I'm looking forward to spend a great time with you guys soon!


  • Viennese messenger association
  • founded in 2012
  • base for most messenger related happenings in Vienna, like the ECMC