There are plenty of preparations to get the ECMC 2017 up and running: setting up the race courses, attending the housing, serving the checkpoints, helping hands here and there throughout the whole event, and finally cleaning up everything again.

To get all this work done, we ask you for your support! If you are willing to help, please register below. As soon as we have grouped the volunteer teams, you'll receive a detailed schedule telling you where and when we need your help.

Be sure that we will honor your support with some tempting benefits! If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to contact us via volunteers@ecmc2017.org !

Volunteer Registration

We are looking for your support!

Wednesday (July, 19th)Thursday (July, 20th)Friday (July, 21st)Saturday (July, 22nd)Sunday (July, 23rd)Monday (July, 24th)

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ECMC 2017 Volunteer Guidelines

Thank you for volunteering at the ECMC 2017!
Your effort is very important to us – without the volunteers` help, your help, this event could not be happening. To ensure a great experience for everybody we composed a few guidelines:

  • If you can not volunteer in a certain time slot - for any reasons - call one of the volunteer responsibles (Lene or Teresa) as soon as possible! (...refer to their phone numbers sent to you by email or ask for them at the registration)
  • Any questions can be asked to via telephone or at the registration office. Lene and/or Teresa will be somewhere around there - at least during the races.
  • We ask all volunteers to be ready 15 minutes before their shift starts – early enough that you can get instructed what to do
  • We kindly ask you not to work under influence of (too much) alcohol or drugs.
  • This is serious business, but fun too. This is your messenger family. Bring your positive vibes and be nice to everybody, even if they are a bit stressed. Just like at work.
  • Of course you clean up after yourself, but not everybody is as thoughtful as you, so if you see any trash, pick it up and throw it out. Lets keep the city – and more important the racecourse – clean.
  • Wheatherforecasts are promising very hot weather. Please prepare and bring sunscreen etc...
  • ECMC 2017 cannot be held responsible for any loss of property or any injury incurred during your volunteer shift.
  • We don’t tolerate violations of any kind! (racist/sexist/homophobic...) If you feel harmed,contact us or the volunteers at site. We will be there with an open ear and help you.


What you get in return:

  • Lots of love and muchos besos - if you want them.
  • And a beer here and there.

Thanks again for volunteering - Let’s make these championships great. Again.
Lene and Teresa in behalf of ECMC Vienna 2017 Team